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Tire Pressure Gauge FAQs

Tire Gauge FAQ's

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to help you with your Mogix Digital Tire Pressure Gauge with auto rescue tools…

1. Q: Does it come with batteries? A: Yes, it comes with button cell batteries so need to buy anything extra - also you can find these at any hardware store as well.

2. Q: What measurement readings does it have? A: Starts at zero PSI (which stands for pounds per square inch), kPa which maybe used to show the maximum tire pressure Note: 1 psi = 6.895 kPa and your tire pressure gauge will also show BAR - Note: Note: 1 psi = 6.895 kPa

3. Q: How do I see these measurements?You have a main button on the unit that if you keep pressing it, these three measurements will appear, along with the flashlight. A: You have a main button on the unit that if you keep pressing it, these three measurements will appear, along with the flashlight will go on too.

Here's a great video to help with your questions:

4. 4.Q: How do I turn it off? A: Hold down the main button for a few seconds and it will turn off.

5. Q: How do I get a proper reading of my tire pressure? A: First, the most common is the U.S. is the PSI - use this reading. Then locate the tire gauge right above flashlight bulb, it's a silver round nozzle - unscrew your tire stem cap - then line up the tire gauge nozzle to your tire stem. It will automatically give you a reading on your gauge. TIP: make sure to screw back on your tire stem cap - these little things like to run wild once set free:)

6. Q: Is the seatbelt cutter really sharp enough to cut through a belt in case of emergency? A: Yes, it is so please be aware this is not a toy. We have also made it easy to use in case or emergency with firm hand grip so you can easily free yourself and your loved ones.

7. Q: How do I use the tire tread depth gauge? A: This one is super easy...there is a sliding button on the back of your tire gauge, just slide our the bottom stick and place it within your tire tread. If your tread depth on comes up to the yellow bar it's time to start tire shopping and if your tread reading is in the red your tire life is dead!

8. Q: Where's the window breaker on this? A: It's on the head of the tire gauge, just opposite of the flashlight and nozzle side. 9. Can this tire gauge work on my RV tires? A. Yes, in fact it can work on motorcycles as well.