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Mobile Charger FAQs

Is the Mogix 10400mAh external battery right for you? Check out this video...

Here are some more Frequently Asked Questions to help you with your Mogix Slim Fit mobile charger + Click Here For Our Portable Charger User Manual

1. Q: Do I need my own cord to charge my phone &/or tablet or does this come with one? A: Yes, you'll need your own cord, it does not come with a cord to charge your device. You can use your regular charging cord that you've been plugging into the wall adapter - it has the same USB end that will go into the mobile charger too.

2. Q: Does it come with a cord to charge itself? A: Yes, it comes with it's own cord to use to charge itself. You just plug in the small end into the proper input port and the larger USB end will go into your regular wall plug/adapter (nothing extra is needed).

3. Will this charge my iphone 6 or my friend's Samsung Galaxy 5? A: Yes, this is a universal mobile charger so it charges all phones and tablets...it's just that not all phones and tablets are created equal! OK, that's the next question.

4. Q: How come I can get only 3 charges on my Samsung Galaxy 5 and my friend can get 5 charges on her iphone A: Not all devices are created equal...that is in battery size. The Samsung Galaxy 5 battery is much bigger than the iphone 4 so you won't get as many charges out the external battery charger due to just takes more juice. The same thing goes for the ipad...the ipad models differ in battery size. Example: the ipad 2 battery size is 6930mAh vs. the ipad 3 and 4 having a huge 11,560mAh capacity. This is a great page to get specs on your ipad: https://theiphonewiki.com/wiki/IPad

5. Q: Will this charge my laptop? A: No, we do not recommend this...it's just too big of a load for one battery charger to carry. 6. Q: How big is the Mogix mobile charger and how much does it weigh? A: It's the lightest mobile charger for how big of a battery it is...only 6.5oz! Here are the specs...Β 

10400mAh External Battery Specs

7. Q: How long does it take to charge the battery bank? A: To fully recharge up a 10,400mAh power bank you should allow approximately 7 to 8 hours and for the 5000mAh 3 to 4 hours. We suggest, plug it in at night, and the next day you're ready to go! A fully charged battery usually lasts a long time depending on what you're using it for so the recharge process doesn't happen all that often.

8. Q: Will it charge my two devices at the same time, while plugged in? A: Yes, it will keep on charging two devices, at the same time, all while still plugged into the wall.

9. Q: Will it continuously charge even after the phone reaches 100%? A: No, but it's best to unplug when your device battery is full.

10. Q: Will it charge my GoPro? A: Yes, it will for all of those GoPro outdoor enthusiast. The key to charging any device is having a cord that has a USB end to plug into the battery charger.

11. Q: Will it charge my Fitbit or anything with a small battery like a vapor/e-cigarette? A: This has been tested using a few external battery banks of this size (tested on multiple brands) and this is the result: Yes, you can charge a Fitbit in the lower 2.1A outlet as long as you have another device like your phone plugged into the 2.5A outlet at the same time. We have found with all different mobile chargers they have a tendency not to read the weak signal from smaller battery devices but when a larger battery device gets plugged in the signal becomes loud and strong...kind of like...FEED ME, SEYMORE! Ok, a little off the beaten path but we hope you get the gist:)

12. Q: How many life cycles can I expect from my mobile charger? A: 500+

13. Q: Can I take it on airplane? A: Yes, this is a rechargeable lithium ion battery and it is allowed in both carry on and in checked luggage. Please refer to: http://blog.tsa.gov/2013/06/travel-tips-tuesday-safely-packing.html for more information on batteries.

14. Q: What does mAh stand for? A: This is Google's answer: mAh stands for milli Ampere hour or milli Amp hour. It is a measure of a battery's energy storage capacity. If you think of a battery as a small fuel storage tank, which in a sense it is, mAh a measure of how much "fuel" the battery holds. *So keep in mind: the lipstick size battery chargers usually only have 2200mAh which is great for an emergency one time charge (hopefully) vs. a 10,400mAh battery charger that will give you multiple charges...so size does matter!

15. Q: How do I turn off my Mogix mobile charger? A: You don't have to, it has an automatic off switch built inside.

16. Q: Is it waterproof? A: No, do not take it anywhere near liquids.

17. Q: Will it work in Europe? A: Yes, just make sure to bring the right USB friendly adapter. If you don't find it here, let us know here: service@mogixaccessories.com Here's a how to charge battery bank using it's own charging cord and your wall adapter:Β 

How To Charge The Mogix